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SARA Symposium at the SGAR/SSAR Congress 2017

Dear SARA Members
On behalf of SARA Board you are invited to next SARA Symposium, to be held on 9th November in Interlaken during SGAR/SSAR Annual Congress. (Programme)

On that occasion SARA Board must be renewed/confirmed through regular voting during the general assembly, which will follow the symposium. SARA President, Secretary and Treasurer must be elected as well.

If you are a SARA ordinary member and you wish to get involved more actively in our Society, you can apply for a sit in the Board. Candidatures must be sent to me by e-mail ( by November the 5th.

More information about the elections

We are looking forward to meet you in person in Interlaken!
Best regards

Andrea Saporito
(SARA Secretary)

SARA 2016 News

Dear SARA Members,
I hope my email finds you great!
You can find attached the minutes of our Society last general assembly, together with next SGAR Congress program.
As always, SARA has organized a satellite meeting on the first day (Thursday 3 November, from 14:30 until 16:30).
This year main theme is anesthesia for ambulatory surgery: all lectures will deal with different aspects of this very hot topic. As every year, the opening lecture has been given to a guest star. This year we will have the pleasure to host Dr. med M. Skues from Chester (UK), who will provide us with an insight about the real costs dynamics of ambulatory anesthesia.
SARA 2016 general assembly will follow, starting at 17:00.
Join us for this very interesting afternoon! We are looking forward to meet you in person in Basel!


Andrea Saporito
SARA Secretary

AGM SGAR-SARA St. Gallen 2015
 All Committee 2015-2016 Members

General News

Recent Appointments
Recently Prof. Dr med Alain Borgeat stepped down as Board Member of the European Society of Regional Anesthesia (ESRA), of which SARA represents the Swiss Chapter; however Dr med José Aguirre was elected as new ESRA Board member and this ensures SARA to maintain a strong representation inside the Board.

Dr med José Aguirre, specialist anesthesiologist at Uniklinik Balgrist, Zürich, has a long experience inside ESRA, where he has been invited for many years as main speakers and is a longstanding SARA Board Member. His value as clinician as well as researcher in the field of regional anesthesia is unquestionable and widely recognized internationally.

Dr med José Aguirre had previously the role of Swiss representative at ESRA Council, i.e. the assembly of all the national societies representatives inside ESRA. Since he stepped down from this role to become Board Member, during last SARA general assembly elections were held to elect the new ESRA Council representative. The assembly was unanimous in electing PD Dr med Eric Albrecht as his successor.

PD Dr med Eric Albrecht is responsible for the regional anesthesia program at CHUV, Lausanne. He is main author of many articles and books about regional anesthesia and is a highly esteemed clinician and researcher.

2017 ESRA Annual Congress in Switzerland
Our country has a longstanding tradition inside ESRA. With its almost 100 active members, the majority of whom are also ESRA member, a Board member as well as a representative inside de Council, SARA is one of the most strongly represented national societies at an European level. Swiss colleagues have also been traditionally actively participating to all the last ESRA congresses and meetings, making of Switzerland one of the countries with most participants.

All the efforts made by SARA at a national and European level have been widely recognized, last but not least with the designation of Lugano as the city hosting ESRA annual congress in 2017. SARA Board Members are already working in collaboration with ESRA board to ensure the success of the event and a fair representation of the local expertise.

SARA Membership
SARA aim for the nearby future is reaching 100 active memberships. Joining SARA is totally free of charge for ESRA active members and given the increasingly strong interest in Switzerland for regional anesthesia, joint memberships are expected to rise. SARA has always been very active in organizing high quality meetings and symposia, with the PNB Workshop in Crans Montana, the Annual Symposium on the firs day of SGAR congress and one Spring Meeting a year. SARA membership entitles to a reduction on subscription to these events as well as a constant update about all next initiatives both at a national and a European level.

Next Initiatives
Next SARA Spring Symposium will be organized by PD Dr med Eric Albrecht at CHUV in Lausanne on Saturday 18th June 2016. The meeting will feature lectures on different regional anesthesia topics by renown experts in the field as well as interesting hands-on workshop on ultrasound guided peripheral nerve blocks with living models.

SARA Board is also currently organizing next Annual Meeting, which as always will take place during next SGAR congress, to be held next November in Basel. SARA Annual Meeting traditionally focus on a single aspect of regional anesthesia, to be thoroughly debated with the help of many experts in the field. As per tradition a guest star from abroad will be invited and be assigned the introductory main lecture. Last invited speakers as always been outstanding personalities such as Prof. Dr med Vincent Chan from Toronto, Prof. Dr med Admir Hadzic from New York, Prof. Dr med William Harrop-Griffith from London, Prof. Dr med Narindra Rawal from Sweden, Prof. Dr med Giorgio Ivani from Turin. This highlights the broad recognition that SARA has been getting internationally as well as its effort to provide a state-of-the-art continuous education of extremely high quality to its members. The program of next annual meeting will be released soon, together with the preliminary program of SGAR congress.

Dr med Andreas Bürgi, SARA website master, is currently updating and empowering SARA website. SARA board considers the web as a strategic tool to reach its members and keep them constantly updated about new initiatives and news about SARA and ESRA. SARA website will be progressively implemented and will feature new interesting content in the future, included educational material. So please stay connected!